Are Android Phones Really Good for College Students?

Though phone has taken the first position among college students in popularity, Android phones are considered to be the second most popular option. Both have similar functions and can have a lot of applications. Most of the android phones are touch screen ones and can have different types of apps which can enhance the functionality of the phone enabling college students to use them to the maximum. Moreover, their screens are much larger than the phone making them clearer to read.

Are Android Phones Really Good for College Students

Why College Students prefer Android Phones?

The android phones are liked by college students because their apps are very user-friendly and can be used for both networking as well as for their academics. However, with phone the pictures are clearer and you can take HD video and high quality pictures. But when it comes to speed, 4G Android phones are much faster enabling students to access information immediately and without any delay. Thus it becomes more desirable for students who are looking at speed of the product.

Reasons for College Students to choose Android Phones

Apart from the speed, there are many other reasons for college students to choose an android phone. These reasons are:

  • There are a lot of options with android phone and college students can choose from about 100 different kinds of phones. They can choose one which matches their requirement. They can choose one based on the screen size, apps, and the keyboard and size.
  • Most of the apps are free on the android phone which might cost them some money if used on phone.
  • Another benefit is that it can android is open source and they can choose any apps which they want for themselves. This is not possible with phone as it is not open source and enables only some apps to be part of it.
  • College students enjoy using an Android phone as it can be completely customized. Unlike phone where you cannot delete the apps that it comes with, every aspect of Android phones can be changed and customized based on their preference. They can do this with the help of widgets. Another great reason to choose these phones are that their memory can be changed with the help of micro SD cards.
  • Moreover, you can use it as a WiFi hotspot so that you can connect your laptop and access internet. So you need to have a separate internet provider.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy for phone for yourself especially if you are a college student, then you can consider the option of an android phone. Though they might be considered as expensive, it is preferred due to its extensive benefits and usability.

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