America’s Worst Jobs for 2013, Poor Earnings, High Stress, Zero Potential…Definitely NO, NO!

Good grades? Check. College essay? Check. Top colleges selected? Check. College major? Wait a second. How are you going to decide which college major will you go for? Perhaps looking at the future career that you’ll take up will be a much better gauge of where to head out to.

America’s Worst Jobs for 2013, Poor Earnings, High Stress, Zero Potential…Definitely NO, NO!

While it’s tempting to follow your ‘dream job’ and get into the related college major, students, even those enrolled in America’s best online colleges, should definitely consider the practical aspects of a career that they wish to get into.

Career Cast – a leading job website of the country – recently came up with a list of the worst jobs for 2013. Take a look at the bottom 5 and make a mental note to avoid these careers unless your heart’s too deep into it.

1. News Reporter – Job Outlook, – 6%; BLS Median Pay, $36,000 per year

A few years back, who would’ve predicted that so many newspapers will fold in the face of severe pressure from the digital media? That, and the low pay scale and very high stress of the job makes news reporting the least favorite careers this year.

2. Lumber Jack – Job Outlook, 4%; BLS Median Pay, $32,870 per year

Working with trees sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Ask a lumber jack, and he’ll likely tell you how poorly the job weighs in terms of stress and work environment (heavy machinery, remote locations, anyone?). All of that for just $32,870 per year as median income – definitely a no no.

3. Enlisted Military Personnel – BLS Median Pay, $41,998 per year (E-7, 8+ years experience)

If you’re with the military, you should be prepared to go to dangerous locations and work around different situations. There are no two ways about it, it’s just a very difficult job, definitely not for the faint-hearted.

4. Actor – Job Outlook, 4%; BLS Median Pay, $17.44 per hour

The glistening tinsel town may have you swooning over the prospects of a similar life, but breaking into those fortunate few is extremely difficult. Over all, actors are not paid very well, there’s no steady income, and competition for jobs is, mildly saying, FIERCE!

5. Oil Rig Worker – Job Outlook, 8%; BLS Median Pay, $37,640 per year

Who wants to work long hours at the sea or in fields far from the city? And with a greater impetus towards sustainable energy resources, the oil rig worker’s job growth leaves a lot to be desired.

There are many other occupations with a similar story to tell of low earnings and a shrinking job market. For instance, mail carrier, flight attendants, dairy farmers are all examples of careers that are going downhill due to technological developments. Even fashion designers, broadcasters, and photo journalists are among the lowest of the lot when it comes to jobs in 2013.

So the next time you go about choosing your college major, do think again if one of the above careers was on your hit list. Now, make an informed decision about which career you wish to go to.

Dream job with great career prospects and awesome potential? Check!

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