Accounting Positions Worth Exploring for Career Changers

It’s not easy to choose a career for life. There will be trial and error, you will not like some careers, and will want to change to a new field altogether. Sometimes, you will only learn by experimenting and trying different occupations and the process can be grueling, but quite worth it too.

But changing a career has to be a smart call. You need to see where your motivation lies. Is it money? Is it intellectual growth? Is it career advancement? Once you have these questions answered, you decision will be much simpler.

Accounting Positions Worth Exploring for Career Changers

For many career changers, accounting turns out to be one field that they find quite intellectually challenging, monetarily rewarding, and one that offers ample opportunities for growth.

That’s why we are presenting some top accounting careers that you can think of hatching in to as a career changer.

Accounting Jobs that Pay Well

There are various job positions and accounting occupations you can check out for a career change. We have picked some well-paying accounting occupations that you must explore:

Accounting Jobs that Pay Well

As you can clearly see, most accounting professions pay an average of $50,000 or more. This is above the salary earned by an average American, placing you amongst the well-paid ones as an accountant in this country.

A Growing Demand for Accountants

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 190,700 jobs will be added in the accounting and auditing profession through 2020. That’s quite a sizeable increase, meaning that if you switch gears to an accounting career, you will also enjoy a relatively higher level of job security for quite a few years to come. Stricter financial regulations and increased demand for thorough financial documentation is behind the increase in jobs for accounting majors.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting to Set your Foot Through the Door

For most of these accounting careers, all you need is a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Many colleges and universities offer degrees in this field that you can pursue. For career changers, an accredited online bachelor’s in accounting is also a good idea, especially if you are strapped for time. You can even go for a bachelor’s in business administration with a specialty in accounting and finance. Alternately, undergraduate programs in finance, business administration, economics, etc. can also be a good starting point for a career in accounting.

All in all, accounting can be a great profession to be in, in more than one ways. Start exploring educational programs and maneuver your career change with tact.

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