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Online Degrees are the biggest buzz now days, due to the explosion of multi-tasking. Whether you are working or parenting, you still want to continue your education. The best way out is through Online Degree Programs.

AboutOnlineDegrees.org (AOD) is a comprehensive online education specific blog. It gives detailed reviews on various Online Degree Programs including Art & Design, Legal, Engineering, Technology, Health Care, Nursing as well as Psychology & Counseling. Each Online Degree Programs section has in-depth information on courses and their availability at specific colleges. AOD has helped scores of students find out about the course of their choice and make an informed decision regarding their educational aspirations through online courses.

We offer direct links to universities as well as online colleges offering these degree courses. We only list accredited online courses so you can be sure of the quality of the higher education you are looking into. AOD also gives you guidance on various aspects of online education through well-researched articles by writers from around globe who want to share their knowledge as well as experiences with online education.

AOD helps you search for degree colleges through search windows that directly lead to the official websites of the colleges and universities reviewed. You just need to select the subject and the degree course that you want to take, along with whether you want to take online or on-campus courses. We also have a list of accredited schools in our Search by School section which takes you directly to the websites of prominent colleges and universities.

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