Serving Patients At The Cost Of Your Own Health? 7 Ways Nurses Can Prevent Burnout

Without a doubt, nursing is a tough job which involves long working hours and various shifts. Add to that the fact that nurses are so involved in their patient’s well being that they are often emotionally drained by the end of the day. Consequently, this affects their work along with their health resulting in stress and frustration.

Here are 7 ways in which a nurse can prevent burnout:

1. Get Sound Sleep And Healthy Meals

Have healthy meals; eating healthy will provide you energy which you need to get through the day. Always eat a full meal before you come to work and have small snacks and juices throughout so that you stay hydrated.

Nurses Can Prevent Burnout By Getting Sound Sleep And Healthy Meals

A solid eight hours sleep is also important.Your patients need thorough care and you need to feel alert and fresh to do that.

2. Unwind

Relaxing after a long tiring day is a must, it will prevent your body from feeling dull and even more tired. Unwind, watch your favourite TV show or listen to some good music.

Unwind, After a Long, Tiring Day

When you reach home, don’t just go to sleep immediately, your body will give you the signal once its ready.

3. Exercise

Make time to exercise as well. It’s hard to move when you are tired, but this would alleviate some of your work stress.

Take Time Out to Exercise

Regular exercise keeps your body full with positive hormones, making you feel good about life. Moreover, regular exercise will also help you go to sleep naturally and deeply.

4. Manage Shifts For Family Time

Who doesn’t like meeting up family and friends? Managing your shifts to sync with your family’s schedule is also important so that they don’t feel left out with your busy work schedule.

Manage Shifts For Family Time

And when you are with the people you love, it definitely takes away a lot of work related physical and mental stress.

5. Analyse Work Situation And Do Some Self-Talk

Ask your self lots of questions about your work situation and how you feel. What are the factors that are causing you stress and how can you help yourself with them?

Do Some Self Talk

The answers will help you stay focused and find solutions, preventing you from more exhaustion. Also appreciate yourself by listing your achievements during the day; it makes a a huge difference.

6. Say ‘No!’ And Put Down Extra Work Or Assignments

You learned to manage time and prioritize when you were getting your online nursing degree, its time to make use of those skills again.

Say No And Put Down Extra Work Or Assignments

Ask yourself if you are feeling overworked, and if the answer is yes, realize that it’s okay to refuse additional work or tasks. Even the best nurses can not be everything to everyone.

7. Take A Break And Discuss Your Feelings:

Take a break from your busy schedule. You not only deserve the rest; you need to rest. Some time away from work will rejuvenate you.

Take a Break From Your Busy Schedule

Meanwhile, reach out to a trusted friend, family member, or colleague and discuss your feelings, which by the way, is a great therapy.

By following these 7 tips, you can prevent burnout. Only if you yourself are healthy yourself can you take care of your patients. Serve others better by setting aside time and making schedules to incorporate ways to prioritize your own physical and mental health.

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