7 Online Degree Programs You Should Stay Far Away From

If you think every online degree program will pay you back good, think again. Employment opportunities, salary range and employers’ requirements, all these factors must be taken into consideration before applying for an Online Vocation Degree Program. Don’t get stuck with a degree which has no employment options and no path to progress.

7 Online Degree Programs You Should Stay Far Away From

Here are 7 Online Vocation Degree Programs you should stay away from:

1. Online Architecture Degree Program

You might impress a lot of people with your Online Architecture Degree but when it comes to employment opportunities you will be disappointed. This is an industry-specific major and switching away to another field with this degree is not possible. Research compiled by the “Hard Times” reveals that an unemployment rate of 13.9% has been seen among recent graduates of architecture.

2. Online Philosophy Degree Program

If you love pondering over the meaning of life, then earning an Online Philosophy Degree is a good choice but if you are looking for a fat pay check, stay away. In this fast paced world, business degrees and IT programs are given more significance than philosophy or other social sciences program. Even if you are willing to apply for the post of a professor at any college, you must have a PhD in Philosophy which takes a lot of time and effort as well.

3. Online Religious Studies Degree

It is quite a noble endeavor to study religion as a major but if you are thinking of a flourishing career in the years to come with this degree, you’re wrong. An Online Religious Studies Degree does not promise great scope, and according to “Hard Times” verdict, unemployment rate for graduates of this degree are 10.8%.

4. Online Anthropology Degree

Yes, it’s very interesting to study human behavior and social relations but anthropology will not promise a stable career. You can only show your expertise when there is a trip to Parthenon or any other place, otherwise you will be restricted to working for an NGO. Figures collected by the “Hard Times” reveals 10.5% unemployment rate in this area of study.

5. Online Degree in Civilization Studies

Even if you manage to complete an Online Degree in Civilization Studies there won’t be many employers interested in hiring you. A section in charge at a big library? Is that what you dream of? No, you don’t want to see yourself doing this for the coming 10 years. “Hard Times” quoted that the actual unemployment rate for grads with this degree was 10.1%.

6. Online Degree in Information Systems

As compared to computer science, the Information Systems Degree does not have scope in today’s information age. Although for some, it might be the best degree to pursue but it does not focus on one area of study, instead it includes humanities, science and business. According to “Hard Times”, unemployment ratio found among graduates of information systems is 11.7%.

7. Online Degree in Fine Arts

Artists are popular in almost every part of the world, but its takes a lot of effort and stamina to reach the level where you can sustain yourself through your art. Art galleries only cater to renowned paintings who struggled through years to make name in the industry so an Online Degree in Fine Arts won’t promise you much in return. As per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment rate among graduates for this degree are 12.6%.

It is wise to look for a degree which assures you of success and growth in the future!

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