6 Out-Of-The-Hospital-Setting Jobs You Can Pursue With An Online Degree In Nursing

Have you always thought of pursuing a career in nursing but always backed off because of the hospital environment? This article is for you, read how can you become a nurse and yet manage to avoid the hospital setting. These days, there are numerous professions a nursing degree holder can get into which do not require you to work in hospitals, and now, that you can get a degree online, it has become even more convenient for almost anyone to start studying.

6 Out-Of-The-Hospital-Setting Jobs You Can Pursue With An Online Degree In Nursing

Following are 6 jobs outside the hospital-setting for nurses and students who are thinking of getting a Master’s Degree in Nursing.

1. Nurse Educator

A nurse educator is generally involved in teaching academic knowledge, conducting research and clinical skills in an educational setting. To become a nurse educator, you must be a Registered Nurse (RN), along with having a Master’s Degree or a PHD in Nursing.

The salary range for nurse educators in the US ranges from $48,629 to $92,284 yearly.

2. Nurse Administrator

A nurse who works at different levels of management in health facilities, which is responsible for the management and administration of resources and personnel involved in the rescue of patients.To become a nurse administrator, you need to be an experienced RN nurse with a BSN, but the best job opportunities will be for nurses with strong leadership skills and some experience. An MSN in Nursing Administration can prove fruitful as it shows that you have the necessary skills and education for the role of an administrator.

Salary ranges from the median of $63,700 to $81,850 yearly.

3. Nursing Informatics Analyst

Hospitals are required to share patient records online. Consequently, various opportunities have been presented for nurses who can unite medical expertise and knowledge with computer skills, working for a medical records software or hospital records departments. Should have a Master’s degree or certificate in Health Informatics, Nursing Informatics, or related fields.

Their yearly median salary is around $80,596.

4. Nurse Case Manager

Nurse case managers deal with families or with people who want to get their insurance or who want to handle legal formalities for a patient’s case. Insurance companies also hire nurse case managers. You need to get your ASN then BNS, have to be an RN and you also need a Case Management Nurse Certificate.

Nurse case manager’s salary ranges around $68,032.

5. Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

Certified legal nurse consultants work in law firms to provide medical expertise for prosecution. Legal Nurse Consultant’s certification is required for this job and are available for BSN, MSN or PHDs.

Certified legal nurse consultants earn somewhere about $62,100.

6. Nurse Entrepreneur

A nurse entrepreneur manages health related business. Nurse entrepreneurs have the ability to plan and manage investment and savings, and control their own businesses,while working outside an organization. This career is flexible and financially rewarding. A master’s degree is generally required, along with strong interpersonal skills.

No more excuses now, now you can be part of the fastest growing profession in the workplace setting that you prefer.

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